The One Where She’s Quarantined: 11th Birthday

Telling your child their birthday party either has to be canceled or postponed is hard, having a quarantined birthday party is not ideal by any means.

There are so many of us who are struggling with the idea of how to still make sure our kids feel special on their birthday despite being quarantined.

Quarantined Birthday

Brynna turned 11 on Monday and she had originally asked for a bowling party with all her friends. Of course, that was not happening, and once I realized this with a lot of hoping that maybe things would be back to “normal” by her birthday I finally accepted the fact that I had to figure out another option. 

Quarantined Birthday

I started Googling ideas and we found a FRIENDS themed shirt “My 11th Birthday, the one where I was quarantined” from  The Elegant Ella and that became the theme for her party. FRIENDS is my all-time favorite tv show and of course, Brynna has watched her fair share of it since I’m obsessed. She saw the shirt and decided that’s the theme she wanted, so being the over the top birthday party mom I am the planning started! 

The Decor

My favorite thing about birthday parties is decorating for them and this one would be no different. I started searching for more FRIENDS themed decorations and found Party Envy on Etsy! I sent her a picture of the shirt and she delivered the most amazing banner to match Brynna’s shirt perfectly! Along with the banner she included FRIENDS themed cupcake toppers! If anyone is a FRIENDS fan y’all will enjoy these as much as I did! Make sure to check her out on Etsy and you can use JAMIE10 to save on your purchase as well!

quarantined birthday

quarantined birthday

I found Krystal’s Pinatas two years ago for Brynna’s Unicorn Party and I fell in love with her adorable mini pinatas! They are small individual pinata style goodie bags! They are the perfect accessory to parties and a unique way to give goodies out to people attending the party!


The rest of the party decor came from Oriental Trading they have a FRIENDS themed tableware pack that was a perfect addition to the party. And of course, the infamous FRIENDS peephole frames added a great touch to the table, and we can’t forget the inflatable lobster!! They have so much for kids to do right now while they are home and everything is delivered right to your door extremely fast!


Still Make It Special

We already knew her actual friends couldn’t be here but our little family would be along with my mom’s household who lives across the street, we have been with them during the whole quarantine anyway. They came over to celebrate and we had a special surprise for the birthday girl. I had invited everyone that couldn’t make it to the party to have a drive-by birthday parade come by our house in their cars. It was so amazing, Brynna’s face had a smile the entire time! I can’t thank everyone enough that came out to make her day special! 

quarantined birthday

How have you celebrated your child’s birthday during quarantine? 

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