iD Tech: Virtual STEM Camps

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We are all searching to figure out a way to adjust to our “new normal” around here. Brynna has definitely been missing the connection to other students, which is why we’ve signed her up for an iD Tech camp!

Brynna’s class started Monday and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We are fresh off of our “Spring Break” which consisted of no school work and way too many “I’m bored” comments. I love that Brynna is able to spend several hours a day learning coding from a professional in a small-group online setting!

What is iD Tech?

iD Tech is the world’s  #1 online STEM program for ages 7-17; it channels kids’ love of technology into real-world coding and design skills. Not only do they offer dozens of programs (including the Roblox camp Brynna chose), but they also have online private lessons for kids who do better in a one-on-one setting. iD Tech has been teaching coding and STEM skills to kids for over 20 years, and your student will emerge with legit knowledge about C++, Java, Python, AI, machine learning, VR, 3D printing, game development, and more!

I know remote learning can be overwhelming and it definitely is for me, but thankfully there are options. @idtech is offering virtual tech camps for remote STEM learning. iD Tech transforms your child’s love of apps and video games – yes, even Minecraft and Fortnite into a foundation for college, internships, and dream careers at companies like Google, EA, and Tesla. There are structured virtual camps so that your kids can learn Monday through Friday with virtual tech camps in multiple time zones to ensure you can get your kids in a virtual tech camp that fits your current time zone.

Why choose iD Tech?

We chose iD Tech because they offer so many great ways to engage online while the kids are home from school.. Their programs offer skill development in important STEM skills. ID Tech was founded in Silicon Valley and their in-person programs are held at 150 prestigious campuses worldwide, including Stanford, NYU and many others. During the summer, weeklong day and overnight options are available, with courses for all skill levels in C++, Java, Python, AI, machine learning, VR, 3D printing, game dev with Fortnite, Unreal, Minecraft, Roblox, and more. In addition to their flagship iD Tech Camps, they also offer all-girls camps, pre-collegiate teen-only Academies, an advanced capstone experience, and year-round Online Private Lessons.

The process to enroll was so easy. You can just create a simple profile on the iD Tech website. Then, it leads you through the steps to select the course or courses that work for you. There are several different instructors and times you can register for the courses. It’s so nice that there is a lot of flexibility. You can schedule classes for times that work best for your kids and for you too.

Brynna is loving her class and looks forward to it every day!


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